Our privacy policy

Touch Media s.r.o. develops and run most applications for devices with operating system Apple iOS and Android OS, but also others.

What do we know about you?

  • We respect your right to privacy and that is why we don’t gather any personal data about users of our application
  • We assemble only statistic data about the number of in-app subscriptions and the number of visits of each category in the application. In our applications we use the analytical software Google Firebase
  • In some cases (for example, when providing free benefits) we identify your device through its unique code UUID, which we generate during the installation of application. If we use UUID in the appliction, you can find your code in the Information section of our applications
  • No data is provided to the third parties for commercial or any other purposes
  • In application Route 66 Navigation we use licensed products and services from HERE. HERE collects and processes such information from the application. For more information go to – https://legal.here.com/en-gb/privacy
  • If you are reading this legal stuff and would like to ask us anything regarding these conditions, you can write us a letter or send an email to:

Touch Media, s.r.o.
Letna 5
831 03 Bratislava

E-mail: hello@touchmedia.sk

The conditions about personal data protection were last updated on 15.01.2018.
Any changes to data protection conditions for users of digital services will be posted on this site.

Full Terms and privacy conditions also here – www.route66navigation.com/privacy-policy