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Myths about Route 66: #2 Route 66 cannot be completed as one whole trip and it’s just made up of dead ends

02/09/2019 by Route 66 Navigation Team   |   Route 66 Guide  

When I talked about Route 66 to people from different European countries, I was shocked by the myths and inaccurate information I learned during the conversations. Route 66 needs to be discussed much more and so I have decided to explain and even debunk some of these myths in this book. Let's explain the myth #2!

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Route 66 Navigation introduces new subscription rates and pre-paid cards in support of local businesses on Route 66

For 2019, Route 66 Navigation, the only navigation application designed for historic Route 66, has introduced new subscription rates and pre-paid cards that can be purchased at more than 40 local businesses along Route 66 from Chicago to Santa Monica. A portion of funds derived from this program supports local businesses, museums and visitor centers on Route 66.

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