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New, enhanced edition of Route 66 Passport is ready for travelers

Touch Media introduces the second edition of the Mother Road Route 66 Passport. After a year’s delay in the project and many complications caused by the Covid19 pandemic, the passport was completed with the support […]

Touch Media introduces the second edition of the Mother Road Route 66 Passport. After a year’s delay in the project and many complications caused by the Covid19 pandemic, the passport was completed with the support of participating partners. At the moment, it is already available to all travelers at many Route 66 distribution points and our website – Shop.Route66Navigation.com.

The new edition is instantly recognisable by a dark blue cover with the distinctive gold Route 66 logo embossed. In the 2021 season, travelers will get a stamp with a small gift, as well as valuable tourist information at up to 39 locations along Route 66. The Passport contains 76 pages, 12 more than the previous edition. 

The Passport is based on new paper that better absorbs ink from the stamp while maintaining high print quality.  The content has also received several improvements. For travelers an extra 4 pages were added for notes or celebrity signatures while traveling Route 66. All texts are also redesigned in the new edition. The previous edition commemorated the work of Wilem Bor. The new edition of the Passport is dedicated to the memory of Gary Turner from Gay Parita Sinclair Station. The content was prepared by Jim Hinckley and Marian Pavel, and unique illustrations were again prepared by Joyce Harbin Cole. 

The Route 66 Passport introduced by Marián Pavel and Jan Švrček of Touch Media prior to the 2019 summer season definitely changed the way people travel on Route 66 and is providing visitor centers, museums and other participating locations with a powerful marketing tool. Many participants in the program have reported a 40 to 60 percent increase in the number of visitors. 

“The Mother Road Route 66 Passport is the ultimate customizable souvenir,” said Jim Hinckley of Jim Hinckley’s America, an author and distinguished collaborator who played a significant part in passport’s final form. “It has been my distinct pleasure to contribute to this endeavor as well as the innovative Route 66 Navigation app. The seamless blending of past and future, the international nature of the project mirror the evolving nature of Route 66 travel.

“Work on the 2021 edition of the Passport were significantly complicated by the Covid19 pandemic. After the absolute collapse of the tourist industry last year, Jan Švrček and I had to make an extremely difficult decision and postpone the project indefinitely. Tourism, thank goodness, started waking up again in 2021 and thanks to the amazing support of all our partners, despite all the complications, we managed to bring the second edition to the tourists on Route 66 before the commencement of the nnew season. We appreciate all of the help and support because Covid19 has hit us all on Route 66 extremely hard,” Marián Pavel, CEO of Touch Media comments. 

“The press release about the new edition is published symbolically on the same day as we announced the release of the first edition in 2019. We are very pleased that the tourists who returned to Route 66 in 2021 love the new Passport and after the initial days of sale I can confirm that we will repeat the huge success of the Passport program from 2019. The Route 66 Passport will once again be a marketing tool to help partners win customers,” adds Jan Švrček of Touch Media.

All partners on Route 66 are already providing the new edition that is easily recognizable by a dark blue cover. A full list of stamp places as well as places where a Passport can be purchased on Route 66 is available at www.route66passport.com

Although it is no longer on sale, the previous edition passport can, of course, still be used by tourists, especially if they had to postpone their journey due to the pandemic. 

Touch Media headquartered in Bratislava, Slovakia exemplifies the international nature of Route 66. The company has been working tirelessly on the development of projects to enhance tourism on historic Route 66 since 2017. This includes creation of e-book on Route 66 travel planning made available in eight languages. The innovative navigation application app is transforming the way people travel Route 66 by ensuring they discover the people and places that infuse the trip with an infectious excitement. In addition, the app, and Mother Road Route 66 Passport developed as a companion to enhance the travelers experience, serve as a promotional vehicles for small businesses, motels, RV parks, museums, and visitor centers.  









About Touch Media
Route 66 Navigation, Route 66 Passport and the Historic66 network makes Touch Media the world’s largest provider of travel assistance on Route 66.

Touch Media is a corporation with a longlife tradition in the online area as well as PR, digital marketing and new media. The company is based in Bratislava, Slovakia (European Union).

Touch Media is owned by Jan Švrček and Marián Pavel.


Marián Pavel  |   11/27/2021

Hello, order please at https://shop.route66navigation.com, it works. Enjoy :)

Kathy Bailey  |   11/27/2021

Want to purchase the Route 66 Passport. Nothing I have found works.

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