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Documents needed to travel to the USA

Before the trip, please verify what documents you need in order to be admitted to the US by the border customs officer.


Your passport should not be less than 6 months before expiration. A European Union citizen only needs an ESTA document to enter the US. Please check its validity; after expiration, you must apply for a new ESTA. You also need to apply for a new ESTA if you change your passport during its validity period. Verify all your visa requirements for entering the US in good time before traveling!

Although car rental services do not usually require it, driving in the USA requires an international driving license. It is issued by the authority in your country, has a limited one-year validity and serves as a separate, additional document to your local driving license. According to law, you must have the license with you and failure to observe this duty can have negative consequences, for example, if an insured incident occurs.

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