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How to get a cheap plane ticket

The total cost of travel on Route 66 is significantly affected by the ticket price. On average, the prices of tickets from various places in Europe to Chicago are around €600 - 700 per person, but if you have a sufficient margin (that’s why you should plan at least 6 months ahead!), you can also get them for less than €400.


First of all, remember that you need a special open-jaw ticket – that is, you fly to Chicago but fly back from Los Angeles. So you can’t get those without the assistance of airline websites, such as Momondo.com. Travel agencies specializing in ticket sales can also get them for you for a reasonable fee.

If you’re not pressed for time, you can wait for special airline discounts. But don’t wait too long because usually, the closer the date to departure, the more expensive the airfares.

When booking your ticket, consider one more fact – check out multiple flight times; ticket prices can vary significantly even within the range of one day. You should also know that it doesn’t make sense to plan anything before you have booked a ticket. And last but not least, remember that the group of members is definite and closed after booking the tickets. The likelihood that anyone else will buy an additional ticket for the same plane will gradually but greatly decline.

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