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The most beautiful places on old Route 66: Country Rd from Cuervo to Santa Rosa

We prepared a series of articles, in which we show you the most beautiful places on the old Route 66. Many travellers can overlook them. That’s why we want to aware you of them.


In the westbound, Cuervo ends with Frontage Rd along the highway I40. Most of the travellers continue on the highway to Santa Rosa. If you go over the highway to the left side, you will get to a crossing between Cross Rd and Country Rd.

Route 66 led through both paths in the past. Nowadays, Cross Rd is really neglected and almost impassable. The situation is similar at the Country Rd crossing, but don’t let that confuse you- the dirt road is in a short section, after that you will see the original tarmac surface. You will get to a road where you feel the breath of history, but also find an incredibly beautiful landscape view, all alone. Country Rd ends on a crossing with Mesaland Scenic byway, where you turn right.

Again, prepare for a very small traffic and enjoy the beautiful sight. It is especially beautiful at the end of the day, when the sun slowly sets and the shadows stretch.

This beautiful part of Route 66 ends on a highway right before Santa Rosa. Check out our photos- you will for sure fall in love with this segment!


Judy Wallmark  |   04/21/2018

Thanks for all support given to help us save this bridge. Gasconade Guardians!

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