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Myths about Route 66: #4 Route 66 has no twists

When I talked about Route 66 to people from different European countries, I was shocked by the myths and inaccurate information I learned during the conversations. Route 66 needs to be discussed much more and so I have decided to explain and even debunk some of these myths. Here is myth #4.


On Route 66, especially in Illinois, Missouri and Oklahoma, the road twists enough to enjoy a motorcycle ride. In New Mexico, Arizona and California, there are really long stretches on which you literally chase the horizon for the whole day, but the beautiful natural scenery is worth it. The reward for crossing long flat stretches is the ride through Sitgreaves Pass to Oatman. The journey along Route 66 is so varied with all the stops that you will definitely not feel bored from the long and straight route.


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