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Myths about Route 66: #7 Route 66 is a tourist trap

When I talked about Route 66 to people from different European countries, I was shocked by the myths and inaccurate information I learned during the conversations. Route 66 needs to be discussed much more and so I have decided to explain and even debunk some of these myths. Here is myth #7.


On Route 66, most places worth stopping at are run by decent businesspeople. Prices are transparent, disregarding the complicated tax system in the US, thanks to which all prices are listed without value added tax.

Most merchants try to offer unique goods, so we recommend splitting your souvenir budget into a few portions and not spending all your money right at the beginning of your trip. Like everywhere in the world, you can find some tourist traps on Route 66, but they are easy to recognize and avoid. You should know that the store owners on Route 66 are not aggressive or obtrusive, and many are happy that you are visiting the store even if you just exchange a few nice words and don’t buy anything.


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