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Original Ferrara & Co. Pastries in Chicago

When heading for the Route 66 in Chicago on Ogden Street, you can find many interesting places in the surrounding streets. On the corner of Ogden St and W Taylor Street, you can visit Original Ferrara & Co Pastries store with a beautiful historic neon sign.


The business was found in 1908 by an Italian emigrant Salvatore Ferrara. He was just 16 years old when he left his home in Nola, Italy in 1900 and emigrated to the United States. He brought with him the art of Italian pastry making and confectionery. Ferrara’s skills lead him to open the first Italian pastry and candy shop on Taylor Street in Chicago’s Little Italy. As an instant success, he was recognized throughout the city and suburbs for his fine pastries, wedding cakes and confections.

You can choose not only pastries in the store. From Monday to Friday there is also a lunch menu with Italian food.

It’s worth stopping!

More information and historic pictures of Ferrara Pastry see on company’s webpage.


Eva Wence  |   03/20/2020

I always find new places while watching Chicago Fire. Tonight, I “discovered” Ferrara has a store front. Can’t wait until the virus passes and then I can come and partake!

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