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When to pick up/return the rented car or motorcycle?

When to pick up/return the reneted car or motorcycle? Much depends on the length of your flight, the time of your arrival and your ability to deal with fatigue and jet lag.


We generally recommend the first day after arrival for relaxation and adaptation to the new environment. You will be able to pick up the car well-rested in the morning.


The morning pickup of a motorcycle also has a drawback – at that time, almost everyone is picking up their machines, and so the wait at the rental office is extended. If your itinerary allows you to do so, consider picking up the motorcycle in the afternoon or early evening. At that time, there are fewer customers at the rental office and you get the bike faster. Additionally, you gain enough time to get to know the bike and the next morning you set off on Route 66 more ready and calm.

Also plan to drop off the car or bike with a time reserve. We don’t recommend that you schedule your return on a day when you are passing through, for example, Las Vegas – Los Angeles and are flying home in the evening. It doesn’t look like a long trip on the map, but in fact you might get stuck in huge traffic jams in Los Angeles, due to which you might not have enough time to return the car. In addition to unnecessary stress, you will also be charged for a late return. So plan only short trips on the last day, from Victorville to Los Angeles, or plan the same day in Los Angeles for the last day, and you can return the car or motorcycle on that day however you like.

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