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Route 66 weather by months

The best time for planning a trip on Route 66 is from May to October.



We don’t recommend traveling on Route 66 in January. Most states through which the road passes are covered in snow, the road may be frosty, and the weather is cold and unstable.


February is still a winter month, some roads can be closed due to the weather, and various operations on Route 66 also run in the off-season mode. Depending on the weather, some stretches of Route 66 in California and Arizona can be traveled on motorcycle as well.


In March, Route 66 starts getting ready for a new season, but it’s still cold and the weather can be very unpredictable. Travel temperatures start becoming pleasant in the western part of Route 66.


In April, temperatures start rising even in the eastern part of Route 66, but the snow and ice can still surprise you in the elevated parts of Arizona.


When it’s a good year, the entire Route 66 can be crossed on a motorcycle in May. But the weather can still be treacherous and give trouble to travelers.


In June, the weather is much more stable, but it’s still not as hot as in the middle of summer.


In July, the season is in full operation. Beware of temperatures, which can rise above 40°C, especially in the western part of Route 66. Please consider that traveling on a motorcycle in such hot weather may not be comfortable. Beware of torrential summer rain and strong storms!


August weather is very similar to July, with high temperatures in the eastern and western parts of Route 66, damp air and high humidity in the east, and dry and windy weather in the west.


In September, the weather will drop to pleasant  temperatures, but all of Route 66 is still warm and sunny. The weather is still stable. I consider September and June to be the two most ideal months for travel.


The eastern part may be cooler and you might be surprised by first snows. Prepare for rapid weather changes and high temperature fluctuations in the east and west parts of Route 66. During an Indian summer you can enjoy a great ride along the entire Route 66.


In November, you will experience typical chilly autumn weather with rain, drizzle, fog and temperatures just above zero, especially in Illinois, Missouri and Oklahoma. In the western part you can enjoy windy weather with pleasant temperatures above 20°C. Beware of the elevated parts of Arizona, where it may snow.


In December, the weather definitely resembles winter. The entire length of Route 66 can be crossed by car, but you will definitely not enjoy it as much as in the summer. But the other hand, many places on Route 66 have beautiful Christmas decorations!


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