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Story of the cover image on our homepage

We love Route 66 as it is and we care to be authentic. When we were thinking with our graphic designer Jakub Švrček about what visualization to choose for the Route 66 Navigation homepage, we were clear that we would not use any anonymous photo from a photo library.


That’s why we started looking for a suitable photo in our archive that we created during our two Route 66 trips. We chose several photos, but we liked the final photo we shot at National Trails Hwy near Amboy. The sun had fallen and the photo was beautifully lit.

We added a picture of the motorcyclist and hand with the phone. We also cared for the content of the screen to correspond with the place where the motorcyclist stands. So you can see not only a real shot from navigation on the phone, but you can recognize, that we took a picture near the Chinese statue.

We care about the details and you can convince yourself with the story of the main photo of our site at any time!

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