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How to take a trip on Route 66

There are three ways you can complete Route 66. You can either use the services of a travel agency, which will take you across Route 66 in comfort, or you can set off on your own. In both cases, you have plenty of options to enjoy your journey without stress and fear of getting lost.


Organized trips are offered not only by travel agencies but by local Route 66 associations in most European countries. Another option is to directly contact travel agencies in the US and let them organize the trip. Consider whether the only price is the single most important criteria for you. If not, then compare the parameters of the individual offers. It is important to know who will be your guide – you will enjoy the trip much more with a person who drives Route 66 with groups several times a year, or even with a local guide. The selected route and program during the trip are also important.

Being a member of an organized group has its advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is that you don’t have to speak English – your guide will take care of you. You get a complete itinerary with scheduled program for each day, which usually includes local specialties for lunch and dinner as well as meetings with Route 66 personalities. At the same time, you travel light – if you choose a motorcycle trip, your luggage will be transported in an accompanying van. On the last day of the trip you will receive a souvenir T-shirt with the Route 66 logo and the name of your trip, as well as a certificate for having experienced Route 66.

The second option is to use travel agency services as an individual traveler. They will prepare your itinerary, select hotels, arrange the entire trip, and you don’t have to do anything, just read and follow the agency’s instructions.

Well, and finally, there’s the third option – you’ll visit Route 66 on your own. From the very beginning, I will say that if you organize everything on your own, two people can travel on a motorcycle at the cost of one person in the case of a travel agency. But the difference in price will be reflected in the fact that the entire trip’s preparation will be on your shoulders.

While there is enough information about Route 66 on the Internet, you might get lost in it. You also won’t be able to assess how relevant that information is for you: what’s important to see and experience on Route 66 and what is not. That’s why we’ve decided to write the Route 66 free guide and help you get a better idea of ​​what you need to look out for and what to focus on before the trip.

If you get on Route 66 repeatedly, you’ll find two essential things: for the second time, your travel is much more relaxed because you know what you’re doing. And you will also find that you did not see even a third of what Route 66 offers to its visitors your first time.

We have another good tip for you – many local guides live on Route 66. Route 66 is close to these people’s hearts and they know a lot about their city and history. They will take you on a guided tour, often topped off with a delicious dinner and a drink. If you have enough time to take advantage of their services, do it. You’ll be rewarded with yet more unforgettable experiences. One of the best-known promoters, writers and local guides is Jim Hinckley, whose walking tours in his home town of Kingman are well known and sought after.

Before you set off for Route 66, carefully think about what you expect from the trip. This will help you make the right decision to either invest your money in the security of a travel agency or choose the risk that you might not handle your own planning and turn your dream into an overpriced motorcycle or car ride across the USA.

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