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The third edition of the Route 66 Guide Book is available in two new languages with extended content

CHICAGO, IL – February 13, 2020 – Touch Media, developer of the innovative Route 66 Navigation app and creator of the successful Route 66 Passport has released a third, extended edition of the e-book On Route 66 For The First Time.


This is the ultimate Route 66 Guide Book, with 230 pages that explains to the traveler what awaits them on historic Route 66 and how to prepare for the trip to ensure that it is worry free. And now the free book is available for download in eight languages: English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, Czech and Slovak.

Extended content includes detailed suggestions for 14, 16, 19 and 30 day itineraries created by experienced travelers and Route 66 personalities – Jim Hinckley, author, travel consultant and creator of Jim Hinckley’s America travel network, Nick Gerlich, writer, professor at Texas University and President of the Texas Route 66 Association, Rhys Martin, President of the Oklahoma Route 66 Association, and Roamin’ Rich – Rich Dinkela, President of the Missouri Route 66 Association.

How to create an itinerary? – this is one of the most common questions that travelers on Route 66 ask as they begin planning their trip. Suggestions and tips from experts who have traveled Route 66 many times provides readers with valuable information and help them avoid the most common mistake, trying to cover to many miles in a single day. 

In the first year of its publication more than 12,000 readers mostly from Slovakia, United Kingdom, USA, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Canada, Australia, Czechia, Netherlands, Brazil, Switzerland, Norway, Austria and Mexico downloaded the book about navigating Route 66 and planning the trip. It is currently the most widely read book about Route 66 travel planning.  

The interactive version for Apple Books contains up to 250 photos with descriptions; the book is also available as a static version in Google Books or as a PDF at www.route66navigation.com/book

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About Touch Media

Route 66 Navigation is a product of the company Touch Media s.r.o. 

Touch Media is a corporation with a longlife tradition in the online area as well as digital marketing, new media and development of unique mobile applications. Company with czechoslovak roots is based in Bratislava, Slovakia (European Union). 

Touch Media is owned by Jan Svrcek and Marian Pavel.


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