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Touch Media became new owner for the Historic Route 66 website

Swa Frantzen and Nadine Pelicaen started the Historic Route 66 website known as historic66.com back in 1994 when the Internet was still in its infancy.

 “We have maintained the website in that oldtimer spirit of giving back to the community that helped create it. However, we are at a point in our lives where it’s time to pass on the torch to somebody who will let it grow further than it would under our supervision. We’re happy to announce that we have found that torchbearer.”

Marián Pavel and Jan Švrček, the founders of Route 66 Navigation and Route 66 Passport, will continue their work from today.

“We are honored to take over a project with a 26-year tradition from Nadine and Swa. With love for historic Route 66, we will continue to develop Historic66.com project with the largest group of Route 66 roadies on Facebook to be a useful source of information and a place where people can plan their life trip or share their joy of driving on Mother Road. Route 66 Navigation, Route 66 Passport, and Historic66 will provide their services to more than 50,000 people every year while on Route 66 or planning to do so soon, “said Marián Pavel.

We see a great love for Route 66 both in words, as well as in the actions of Marián and Jan. We’re sure the website and the community that supports it is in caring and capable hands to let it flourish,” said Swa. Nadine added: “We’ll always keep Route 66 in our hearts, even as we take on a less active role.”

FB group Historic66, FB page and Instagram will continue to work without changes. The Historic66.com website will be redesigned in the coming months and will continue to serve as the main source of useful information when planning a trip on Route 66.


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