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What vehicle should you take on Route 66? Car, cabriolet or motorcycle?

Every biker will immediately say that the bike is the best, no doubt! And, of course, the best thing to do is ride a Harley Davidson Electra Glide or Indian Chieftain.


Rental companies carry these models the most, but have a wide selection of other types and brands available. If you are traveling on your own, Electra Glide or Chieftain are the most comfortable bikes with huge storage space in the trunk. And it’ll come in handy on a long journey with a lot of gift shopping! If you have a companion in a car that carries your stuff, it’s not a bad idea to choose a lighter bike.

When choosing between cars, the heart will definitely select a cabriolet and most often it is the Ford Mustang. It’s not a bad choice, but think about how many people and how much baggage you’ll have. And don’t forget that driving during the season in an open cabriolet under the blazing sun isn’t the most pleasant of experiences.

If you to travel the most famous routes, you will need a sedan or city SUV. If you want to use the oldest routes, definitely choose a SUV 4×4 with a high chassis.

Don’t forget about the passengers – if there are more of you, choose the car size that provides enough comfort to everyone. In each case, choose a car with powerful air conditioning!

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