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What’s a good number of people on Route 66 trip?

It’s obvious when you have a car - the number of your friends or family members on the trip is limited by the number of seats.


Bikers have it a bit more difficult, because the group has to synchronize the riding of several machines. A challenging daily itinerary, an unknown country, a fixed program, and extreme weather can test even the strongest relationships. Those who ride alone always have the greatest freedom. But if you’re in a group, try to make it as small as possible – three to four motorcycles are ideal.

Before the trip, you should know these people well and create the group, making sure that everyone has a similar world view, interests and that there are no significantly weaker members. Take it as a fact, but each group experiences a smaller or bigger crisis during the trip. And it is up to the individuals and their strength to handle a small or big conflict that may affect the whole trip.

Relying on collective decision-making does not pay off – an effort to resolve something during the trip disappears with increasing fatigue. So even a small group needs a leader and must have pre-agreed rules. Otherwise, you will be faced by unnecessary conflicts and tense situations that can make the trip unpleasant for everyone. You can also avoid conflict by making it mandatory for everyone in the group to properly study the itinerary and summarizing what is ahead of you at the beginning of each day.

Discipline is also important – fatigue will catch up with you if you stay up all night partying from the beginning. Forget about drinking sessions everyday – there will be days when your co-passenger get you off the bike and you fall on your bed like a sack of potatoes 🙂

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