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Closure on Route 66: Closed west ramp from I40 to Seligman

A closure of the west ramp from highway I40 to the historic Route 66 town of Seligman is scheduled from May 2018. The road will be closed for one year, the opening is scheduled for spring 2019.

Seligman is one of the most visited places on Route 66, and the closure of a highway exit could result in a decline of tourists in the coming year, so we encourage all travellers interested in Route 66 to visit the town and have prepared a detailed description of how to get to Seligman during the closure.

In the west direction, we suggest for travellers on Route 66 to use exit 139 from highway I40 to the old Route 66 / Crookton Road. After visiting Seligman, continue along the old Route 66 via Peach Springs to Kingman.

In case you decide to continue along highway I40 to Seligman, use the east ramp 123 from highway I40, which will take you to Seligman. If you want to continue to Kingman, make u-turn at the end of Seligman and use the ramp 123 again to get on highway l40.

If you are traveling in an easterly direction, we suggest you use historic Route 66 heading in the direction of Peach Springs from Kingman.

If you want to use the highway l40, only east ramp 123 can be used to turn to Seligman, from which you need to return to Seligman. If you want to continue along highway l40 to the east, it is necessary to make u-turn in Seligman and use ramp 123 again.

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More info about closure is available at – https://www.azdot.gov/projects/northwest-district-projects/i-40b-west-seligman-bridges

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Judy Wallmark  |   04/21/2018

Thanks for all support given to help us save this bridge. Gasconade Guardians!

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